Gas and a quick check that could save your life

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We all know that LPG- liquid propane gas- is heavier that air. Or do we? Going by some of the gas installations I have seen over the past years you might draw the conclusion that it was assumed that if gas leaked then it would just rise up and be gone. Well it doesn’t.

An installation actually done by one yacht builder had the gas bottle box located in the cockpit of a motor sailor with central cockpit. A drain was fitted to the bottom of the box as it should be. But, the drain was only 8mm internal diameter and to make matters worse, had no downward run on it. The pipe had completely clogged up and no gas or water could pass. If the gas bottle had leaked it would have filled the gas locker then overflowed into the cockpit and engine room. An electrical spark or short would mean disaster. The dreadful result is not worth contemplating.

Please pay special attention to the drainage from gas bottle stowage boxes. The pipe needs to be at least 19mm ID and the run must be acute to afford drainage and lessen the likelihood of clogging up. If you do nothing else this winter do look at yours.

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