HOW TO……Repair or renew teak deck caulking.

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Many have asked me how to repair or renew the black rubber deck caulking for teak decks?

The first and, in my opinion, only problem is how to remove the old caulking.

If you are lucky it will have detached itself from the teak decking, allowing it to be pulled up and then just leaving a simple clean up job. If not, then use a retractable blade knife to cut down each side of the caulking. Use caution at this point to avoid too much pressure on the knife. If it slips, apart from personal injury it could damage the teak underneath or cut into the plank sides.

Once the caulking has been detached from the sides of the boards then use a narrow chisel to it from the bottom of the seam, it is then pulled out. Clean up the seam by lightly sanding the seam sides. Use the chisel to scrape the seam bottom. Wash the seam out with acetone, this removes oil deposits and moisture. Seam tape which sits at the bottom of the seam should be put in – this stops the caulking adhering to the teak. If you have caulking primer, this should be applied to the seam sides. Apply masking tape to the deck down each side of the seams.

You can now apply the deck caulking material. There are lots to choose from. Contact me by email for my personal preference. Slightly overfill the seams and then with a wide chisel or flat putty knife run along the wet caulking and remove the excess down to the masking tape. When done, remove the masking tape. That’s it! Because of the masking tape there should be no need to sand down the caulking or deck.

Good luck! Email me if you want to on or call 00447887801594.

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