Making teak decks look like new

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I have spent many years in the marine industry with teak as the core subject of my business. I have seen teak decks look like new that were twenty years old and decks that look twenty years old that were in fact new!

Sometimes it is the quality and cut of the teak that make the difference but, normally it is how they have been looked after.

Once when in Mallorca looking at a power boat I noticed the decks on the boat alongside. They looked at the end of their life with deep ridges in the surface where once good fibrous teak had once been. The boat was only one year old and immaculate. It was maintained by a local service company, and as the day went on I noticed the maintenance company arrive and proceed to assemble a high pressure water jet machine. They started at the bow and washed the deck down. At the end it looked clean but old and ruined. I asked them how often then pressure washed the teak, ‘every two weeks prior to the owner flying in from the UK’.

It’s not the first time a deck has been washed away by pressure washing and I have seen many examples of it, but, for a year old boat to require new decks is unforgivable.

Teak is a natural material that if tended well will last at least twenty years and longer. If you use a brush then brush across the grain not with it. OK this is harder work but it will pay off in the long run. Brushing with the grain removes the softer material between the annular rings and after a few years the teak has peaks and troughs left. Then all that can be done is to sand the surface to make it level. That’s fine but how thick is the teak on your boat?

For more tips or if you want to chat about your deck or any maintenance issues please email me.

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