Rigging – Don’t forget to check under the plastic on your cap shrouds

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A good friend of mine and one of the most respected traditional riggers of modern times was a font of knowledge concerning all types of rig and rigging. I was fortunate enough for him to rig the last four of my boats, I refer to Peter Martin who sadly passed away last November (2011).

I learnt alot from Peter who was full of useful tips and hints. One such tip was to look annually at the cap shrouds under the plastic tubing often put there to reduce sail and sheet wear. To my surprise a craft that has been sailed for five or six years can experience excessive wear to the rigging shroud under the plastic tube. I slid my covers up to expose the wire and found that the stainless steel 1 x 19 wires had been flattened off by the continual rub of the plastic against the wire. You may say as I did, ‘but, surely the plastic will wear not the stainless wire’? Not the case as was proven on my own boat. The same is said about forestays that have furling systems fitted.

So next time you hold onto your plastic covered shroud as you venture forward, stop and take a look under it. Of course if there are any doubts you should consult your surveyor or rigger.

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