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Epoxy Paint Advice

With the invention of epoxy paints to the underwater areas of yachts, we breathed a sigh of relief. At

last, a coating that would keep water out of the gel coat and help to stop osmosis. And it works. But

with sailing and hauling out each year some damage does happen to the epoxy coatings and at some

time could let water through. So my advice is that if your coatings were applied ten or so years ago, then

it may be time to apply a couple of extra coats.

Plan well ahead and remove the antifouling as soon as your boat comes out of the water at the end of

the season. Leave until the spring and then apply two extra coats of solvent free epoxy. Follow this with

a coat of barrier primer and then your favourite antifouling paint. Whichever paint company you choose

they will have a full technical specification for you to follow.


If in any doubt then please feel free to contact me.

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