‘Do you know where all your seacocks are?’

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A while back I was surveying a yacht in Turkey and had examined the hull externally and counted up the number of through hulls. Later, with the survey of the yachts interior well underway and examination of seacocks I realised that I was one short!
We know it’s not possible but there it was one short! With the aid of a mirror and small digital camera it was found tucked away behind the shower compartment joinery and totally inaccessible to see, touch, turn off or maintain. The owner was shocked to realise that for the past twelve years he had failed to maintain such a vital part of his yacht.

A few days later the area had been remodelled to allow full access. As you would imagine the seacock failed to work and was replaced.

So as you make your list of work to be done prior to the start of this season remember to check the working of all your seacocks and if you have not done it for a while take them apart for service.

I keep a list of the seacocks on our boat and mark against each one the date it was last serviced, that way it’s not possible to ‘lose’ one or miss out on maintenance.

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