Some quick mid season checks for your boat.

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  1. Check the raw water impeller for wear. If, like me, you have done more motoring than you wanted to this season, it’s worth ten minutes of your time.
  2. I’ve just cleaned up my propeller and shaft as they had quite a lot of shell growth attached.It’s surprising how just a small covering of shell or weed will slow your propeller down and increase fuel consumption. Definitely worth a ten minute snorkel with a scraper.
  3. Half way through my season I check all guardwire fixings and rigging terminals, aswell as running rigging, for signs of wear.
  4. Do you have a grease bearing for the rudder shaft? If so did you pump grease into it at the start of this season? It’s always best to put more in every week or so and at this mid season moment check that there are no water leaks and the rudder shaft is well greased.
  5. Check the level on the gin bottle. I am always shocked to see how much evaporation has taken place.  Top up or replace.

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