A Diesel Bug Story

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Bug Story

For the first time in fifty years of boating I met the dreaded diesel bug. You read about it and take steps to avoid it so when it infests your tank its a bit of a shock.
For years we have added an anti bug solution to the diesel every time we refuelled, in fact we carried enough for 5000 miles of motoring. 

We were coming into an anchorage when the engine stopped. After dropping the main anchor and then our Fortress Kedge it took several hours of filter changes and blowing air through pipes to ensure a clear diesel passage, and then bleeding the systems of air before the engine burst into life.

Two days later we had the tank emptied and cleaned out. New diesel and away we went.

This time we added system 21 to the diesel which after some online research is highly recommended for warm Med type climates.

We now sail and motor with confidence and my advice – ok a bit late – (the value of hindsight!) is check your tank and get it cleaned on a regular basis. We were lucky that there were not many boats in the anchorage and the weather was calm.

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