Eyes and Ears – A new service from Marlin Yacht Surveys

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Have you seen a boat you fancy buying online, but can’t spare the time to go and view it. We can help.

Eyes and Ears – A new service from Marlin Yacht Surveys

Marlin Yacht Surveys is launching ‘Eyes and Ears!’ a look, listen and report service to potential buyers of Yachts and Motor Boats. ‘Eyes and Ears” is designed for those clients who like the look of a sailboat or motor yacht online and are very interested in purchasing.
However many of these prospective vessels are not in nearby locations or even countries. So for a nominal fee Marlin Yacht Surveys will take the hassle out of flying to another country, staying in hotels and then perhaps being disappointed with the condition of a boat.
We will liaise with the selling agent, visit the boat and view it as if we were the prospective purchaser.
With professional eyes and a nose to the ground, we will spend time looking, not just at the obvious parts but also behind the cupboard door, under the cabin sole etc.
The report produced by Marlin Yacht Surveys is a guide to the boats good bits and bad bits, what i liked and disliked and of course many many photographs that are different from the sales literature.
This is not a survey nor does it pretend to be one. Its an informative and honest report to help prospective buyers. If the buyer goes ahead with the purchase then a proportion of the ‘Eyes and Ears’ fee is taken off the full survey fee,

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