Smart Boat Upkeep Tips for Autumn

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As the end of the sailing season looms, Yacht Surveyor, Martyn advises making a list of maintenance jobs while your boat is still in commission

The summer for some has either been too short, too long,non existent or just perfect. I hope it was the latter, but whichever summer you have had its getting to that time of year when the leaves on the trees are turning to lovely autumn colours and the evenings are drawing in. Which also means that it won’t be long before laying up your boat for the winter.

Years ago, and I mean years ago, when running a boat yard we used to do service checks on clients boats to encourage them to get work done during the winter months and avoid the rush and crush of spring when due to lack of time, relaunch dates were put in jeopardy.

The same principle applies when doing your own refit work. While still in commission make a list of all that needs doing, think hard and don’t leave anything out. Order all the spares you need. Get major work done immediately. Minor work next and the dozens of little jobs last. This way you will be ready well before the new season and IF the weather looks good, go afloat early and make the most it. That’s a really great feel good factor.

When I have my yacht surveyors hat on-figuratively speaking – I see many examples of missed maintenance opportunities which, because they have been left for the winter, have grown into quite sizeable problems. With a bit of proactive thought and tackling the problem at an early stage the owner could have saved himself the embarrassment of dropping his asking price, considerably.

Have a good winter and if you have any maintenance issues and need advice click here or email me.

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