How we mere mortals benefit from the big boys toys

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The Southampton Boat Show is upon us once more and if you are going, then do take a look at some of the advancements from last year in design, product technology and how instruments are now multi functional pieces of hardware.

I am not a keen follower of F1 racing, but what I do like is the technology developed that passes down the food chain to the every day car we all drive. The advancements in turbo and gear shift technology to name just two, are improvements we benefit from yet think nothing of. They just happened.

The marine industry is similar in some ways to F1. Recently a refit of a sailing yacht in Europe cost tens of millions of Euros, mainly on developing new ground breaking technology for drive units, weight saving materials, satellite communications, steering systems and much more. At the level of investment in this refit the results are incredibly expensive but, that’s what the owner wanted. The spin off will be when these advancements filter down the system to be put as standard into production sail and motor yachts. Yes, it’s going to take years and more money to develop into off-the-shelf equipment, but it will happen. And, we will all benefit from the man in his super yacht who has spent millions getting what he wanted.

It is my view that there is plenty of room on this planet for all types and sizes of craft, from the 400 ft superyacht down to the 10 ft dinghy. Let’s not mock the super yachts as they are feeding a vast industry with work and advancements in technology.

I can’t get to the show this year as I am too busy, but I take a keep interest in the development of marine products so if you see anything you think is clever, interesting and a real advancement please let me know. I would really appreciate it.

Back to my normal business of surveying. The ‘Eyes & Ears’ service I provide has really gone from strength to strength this year.

I have had customers from Norway, Sweden, Turkey and Switzerland who can’t make the trip to Mallorca and ask me to go with my ‘Eyes & Ears’ to look at vessels and report back what my initial visual thoughts are. If you find yourself short of time then give me a call, I can help.

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