What does Palma offer the yachtsman

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Over the past few years many of my clients have asked for advice on getting repairs and upgrades done to their newly purchased vessels here in Palma, Mallorca. I usually reply with my own experience of sailing into Palma harbour seven years ago with my wife and our two cats onboard.
We had sailed from the UK and during the voyage, as is to be expected, many minor maintenance issues become rather more serious ones. By the time we arrived in the Club de Mar marina we had generator, main engine, water maker and a mast problem to sort. After a few phone calls we had an engineer, rigger and water maker agent onboard within three hours. After another forty eight hours all the issues were completed and we were ready for sea once again.
Cats on a boat

Our two cats waiting to go ashore on our aft deck

I was really impressed by the professionalism and speed that the work was undertaken and asked a friend of mine about it. I wasn’t sure that if I arrived in the UK with similar problems they would get sorted out so quickly. He explained that the marine services in Palma are based upon the super yacht industry where it is expected to receive a very quick and efficient service. This service ethic comes down the food chain to us rather smaller vessels but, the service stays the same. Within a few square miles are located every marine service and supply company you could possibly want or need.

My clients have all been very happy with the service they received and from a personal position I am really happy to get work done in Mallorca. If only I could find a cheap mooring?
If anyone would like advice on having work done in Mallorca then please contact me.

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