Stainless steel is a wonderful product as long as it is of 316 grade

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Stainless steel that is less than 316 is of no real use in the marine environment, it rusts. Even 316 has its problems and during my surveying of vessels from 12 to 30 metres I come across it being used in all sorts of ways, most of which are appropriate and in good order. However, occasionally I come

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Testing for soundness in 2018

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Happy New Year to you and I hope all your wishes and dreams come true for 2018. Last year saw record numbers of survey enquiries and for me there were two significant changes on previous years. Yachts are being presented for sale and survey in much better condition and with updated specifications. Plus, my ‘Eyes

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How we mere mortals benefit from the big boys toys

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The Southampton Boat Show is upon us once more and if you are going, then do take a look at some of the advancements from last year in design, product technology and how instruments are now multi functional pieces of hardware. I am not a keen follower of F1 racing, but what I do like

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What does Palma offer the yachtsman

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Over the past few years many of my clients have asked for advice on getting repairs and upgrades done to their newly purchased vessels here in Palma, Mallorca. I usually reply with my own experience of sailing into Palma harbour seven years ago with my wife and our two cats onboard. We had sailed from

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Don’t necessarily write your vessel off because of a higher moisture content

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Over the past few years I have been asked for advice from some of my clients but also from boat owners who I have met in yards, clubs and bars concerning moisture content of hulls. Vessels should not be written off because they are ‘wet’ is what I tell them. I see sailing and motor

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A surveyor’s view of boat selling

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After making  myself comfortable for the flight to Barcelona I read once again the sales details of the vessel I am about to survey. From the sales sheets and photos the yacht looks to be well equipped. At my destination I am greeted by the vessel, but, I can tell within a few minutes that

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From a Surveyors Eye. Boat care tips from our yacht surveyor

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Smart Boat Upkeep Tips for Autumn

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As the end of the sailing season looms, Yacht Surveyor, Martyn advises making a list of maintenance jobs while your boat is still in commission The summer for some has either been too short, too long,non existent or just perfect. I hope it was the latter, but whichever summer you have had its getting to that time of

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Eyes and Ears – A new service from Marlin Yacht Surveys

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Have you seen a boat you fancy buying online, but can’t spare the time to go and view it. We can help. Eyes and Ears – A new service from Marlin Yacht Surveys Marlin Yacht Surveys is launching ‘Eyes and Ears!’ a look, listen and report service to potential buyers of Yachts and Motor Boats.

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A Diesel Bug Story

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Bug StoryFor the first time in fifty years of boating I met the dreaded diesel bug. You read about it and take steps to avoid it so when it infests your tank its a bit of a shock.For years we have added an anti bug solution to the diesel every time we refuelled, in fact

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