Motor Boat and Yacht Surveys FAQs

Motor Boat and Yacht Surveys  – FAQs

Is the objective of a marine surveyor purely to point out problems?
A marine or yacht surveyor is overall an assessor of condition and value of a boat. His role is to find defects but also to put them in perspective for you and for your insurance company. Go to Types of Marine Survey.

Is a Marine Survey solely technical information?
A good survey will include not only the technical facts but an accompanying opinion as well. Go to Yacht Survey Testimonials to see what our customers think.

Why is a pre-purchase survey so important?
A pre-purchase survey is important for a potential boat purchaser, in terms of whether he proceeds with the purchase and for the finance house as to whether they lend the money for the purchase, as well as for the Insurance Company as to whether they will insure the vessel.

If the survey comes up with any substantial defects the potential purchaser can then decide whether to proceed with the sale or perhaps re-negotiate the price.

Can I contact a surveyor for some general advice?
Of course! Martyn is always happy to talk about boats and in particular to help you with your concerns. Contact him on 00447887801594 or 0034618432360 or email or complete the form (click here) with as much information as possible and Martyn will reply.

My boat is based in Mallorca although I live in the UK. However I am thinking of buying a new boat on the River Hamble. Either way I will need a surveyor but I’m not sure where yet. Is this a problem?
Not a problem at all. Martyn time is spent either in the UK or the Mediterranean, primarily Mallorca so is happy to travel to where your boat is based in either of these locations. Whether its a yacht survey on the south coast or a yacht survey in Mallorca either way is easy.