Surveys for GRP sailing boats

When undertaking a survey of a GRP/FRP (glass reinforced plastic/fibre reinforced plastic) sailing boat a surveyor will look at all the usual things such as moisture readings of the hull, seacocks, engine, prop shaft and propeller. For a comprehensive list go to surveys areas (with a link to the areas of survey page).

If a surveyor finds a fault he is also interested in trying to understand how they occurred. General usage of a sailing boat puts its mast, rigging and deck gear under enormous loads creating stress cracks and other faults. With many production yachts the keel is bolted to the hull. It is in this area that a surveyor will take special interest as some builders have underestimated the loads involved and severe problems have occurred.

There are parts of any craft that are almost inaccessible and in some production boats totally impossible to access. These areas create surveyors a problem and that is why we draw your attention to them.

All problems have solutions and as a surveyor with a wide practical knowledge Martyn will outline the solution. His service does not end with the submission of the report as he expects to talk the problems through with you.